Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much going on

Not much going on in the Cannon house. We've had a quiet start to the new year. I'm about to start getting really busy at work. We recalled 40 pilots and are in the process of recalling 60 more. We are also going to be having some transition classes and maybe some upgrades so it should get really busy again. It's a good thing. I was really worried about my job for a while, but as long as the pilots don't do something stupid (strike) or oil go drastically up then we should be okay. Daisy has grown. She was 30lbs at her last visit 12/30 and goes back in two weeks. I'm curious to see how much bigger she's gotten. Brandon's doing great. His report card was awesome. The girls are doing great. We have been busy getting ready for their recitals. They are performing at the Atlanta FCC event on 1/24 (so if you're there, make sure to say hello) and the Chinese New Year celebration in Chamblee on 1/31. Their big recital is May 24 and 25. They are excited because we get to stay in a hotel and I promised them that it would have an indoor pool.


Chelley said...

what do you do????

YAY for great report cards!!!

amy said...

I love your updates...Yeah for the good report