Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fail blog

There is this blog that I like going to call fail blog. It has different things like grammar mistakes, sign mistakes and videos. Their pretty funny. Here is a couple that I submitted to them, but didn't get published. I still think they are funny.

This would be a grammar fail:

Reed reports $431k raised for Atlanta mayoral campaign

State Sen. Kasim Reed announced Saturday that he raised $234,074 in the last six months of 2008 for this year’s Atlanta mayoral campaign.

Reed, an attorney with close connections to Mayor Shirley Franklin, has now raised a total of $431,479, and has $328,129 in cash on hand. We hasn’t seen the reports of any other candidates, but assumes that Reed’s treasury is the largest.

Reed pointed to the diversity of his contributors. A list can be found here. For anyone interested in Atlanta politics, consider it required reading.

This is a sign fail:
This is an actual sign outside the building where I work.
-updated because I realized my own grammar fail, but I don't get paid to write my blog :).

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