Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Various stuff

I just have to ask one question, when did baby dolls become anatomically correct? The girls got the Mommy I can swim dolls for Christmas from their aunt Charlotte and love them. You should have seen their faces when they got the dolls. It was priceless. Maddie got the girl and Sophie got the boy. When they played with them in the bathtub they had their bathing suits on, they then took the suits off. I looked at the little boy and there he was in all his glory. My goodness. I really had no idea that little boy dolls were all coming anatomically correct now. (The little holes in his stomach are for the water to drain.)

The Saturday after Valentine's Day I'm taking the girls here for lunch. They don't know it yet. It will be there Valentine's day present. I decided we are going to stay at the same hotel we did last time. We are going to go that Friday after dance and spend the night. It will be much closer to do that. I wanted to do something special for Valentine's day for the girls this year. I think I'm going to get Brandon a game. AJ and I don't do anything special so I thought I would treat the kids.

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Chelley said...

oh my goodness I have NEVER seen that before on a doll!???!?!

So very interesting! Did the girls comment at all its didn't even really notice?