Tuesday, May 13, 2008


"If you talk to God, will he talk to you?"

This was what Maddie asked me today as we were on our way home from the doctor. I told her of course you just have to listen to what he says. This question was just out of the blue. We weren't really talking about anything, she just has this way of asking thought provoking questions.

I have been talking to God a lot these last couple of days. My heart hurts for the people in China. I think it really hit closer to home because I've been there. Chengdu is where Maddie is from. I have been thinking about her birth family and if they are okay. I think about the lady in this picture. Is she okay? Chengdu wasn't the worst hit and the orphanage is okay. It's really hard though seeing the pictures of the total devastation. I can't imagine being there. Please say a prayer for the people of China and for their loss.
Here are some links if you would like to help:
Here is a link to the NPR website. They have a Chengdu blog.
On a brighter note, check out this commercial that Pearle Vision did. It is very sweet.

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Chelley said...

It really is so hearbraking... Just the sheer numbers of the ones that have lost their lives is too much.

I was reading on news piece where a man has lost his wife, son and parents in the quake but he was a fireman and hasnt been able morn as there are so many others in need...