Monday, May 12, 2008

The girls were so cute at their recital yesterday. I missed last years because I was in China and this was Sophie's first one. They both did great. The whole class did a great job. Sophie was playing around with her sister (as you can see in this picture and the last one I posted) and Maddie was just a giggling. I think they both loved it. I'll try to get some video posted later on.

I updated Sophie's gotcha day post. You can click here.

Happy Mother's Day again to everyone. I hope you all had a restful, enjoyable day. I got a new camera. I love it. Thank you honey! The camera takes really great close up pictures. The pictures that I took at the recital were all with my new camera and I think they came out great, especially the close ups.
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Chelley said...

That photo is great!
You have really caught a priceless momnet...