Friday, May 16, 2008

What a week and my 400th post :)

Wow, this is post 400. Can't believe I've made that many!

It's been one heck of a week. First the earthquake in Chengdu. That still touches my heart. I have been obsessive about checking all of the news. The pictures and the stories just hurt my heart. I put up a box at work to collect money to send to Half the Sky. Please consider helping as well. You can also go to their website and see some pictures and learn some more details.

On Monday I also burned my hand. I had made some corn on the cob. I got the corn out and was going to empty the water. I was using my mam maw's pots and I guess I just wasn't used to the weight. Water sloshed out and let's just say I used some words in my head that would have felt good coming out of my mouth :). I had taken Maddie to the doctor on Tuesday and she gave me a cream for my hand. I popped the blister yesterday and it looks a little better than the picture shows. Actually after looking at this picture, the blister looks better.

Tonight I took Sophie to urgent care. She had a stomach virus, but the thing that was bothering me the most was she wasn't drinking anything. I kept telling her she needed to, but she just wouldn't. They said she wasn't dehydrated, but to keep an eye on her. They gave her a Popsicle and she perked up a little. By the time we got home she was heading downward again. The doctor said by Sunday she should be back to normal.

Hopefully Maddie won't get it. She's on an antibiotic for her sinus' so maybe that will help her. She has her gymnastics performance tomorrow. Maddie and Sophie also got new bikes, but Sophie hasn't enjoyed hers yet. Here is Maddie riding hers. She loves it.


Chelley said...

Congrats on 400 posts!!!!

OUCH that burn looks REALLY SORE!!!

I am sorry to hear that Sophie isnt well! HUGZZZZZ

the bike looks COOL!

The events in China have made my heart ache!

Chelley said...

G day

I need you to send me your home addy so I can send off your gift!

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