Monday, August 06, 2007

Today's events

Today was a great day! Sophie went for her first dentist appointment. She had no cavities!!!!! With the way her teeth looked before, I was very suprised. They look so much better now. She did great. She went with the dental hygentist and then came out with not a tear in her eye. They said she did a good job. She was so proud of her teeth. She walked around showing everybody! We then went to AJ's work and then my work. My little brother got to fly the sim. He was so excited. He loved it. We then went to the Children's Museum and then the park and played in the water fountain. At one point my sister told me this was the best day of her life! I have so many great pictures, but I really love this one. It just shows the shear joy on their faces (of course not Sophie's because her back was turned). Click on it to make it bigger and see what I mean.
Day in the sun
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