Sunday, August 26, 2007

Remarkably Chinese

During our meet and greet at church I was greeted by a lady who occasionally talks to me. She's somewhat of an eccentric I would say. Well today she asks me about the girls. She asked if they were from the same village or area. I explained that Maddie was from south China (Chengdu, Sichuan Province) and Sophie was from north China (Dandong, Liaoning Province). She then says "They look remarkably Chinese". Of course I then say that they are Chinese. She tells me that I knew what she meant. I was supposed to know that she meant "Neither girl is more beautiful than the other. They are both cute". Ugh. So what do you say to that? I just nodded and smiled. I was so flustered I guess is the right word and we had begun singing again. Oh well, she meant no harm. I just think it's funny how the girls "look remarkably Chinese".


Chelley said...

You have been TAGGED!!

come on down!!

Jill W said...

People amaze me with their comments some times. Our daughter, Macie is from Chengdu, too! She just celebrated her 9th birthday this week. (her second one since being home). My sister found the cutest HSM sweat suit for her. She loves to sing and dance along with the same shows, as do my boys, but they will never admit it:)

Beverly said...

Well I am lost. What did she mean? What does "remarkably Chinese" mean? I would hope they look remarkably Chinese as they are so. Beautifully Chinese I would say!!