Saturday, August 25, 2007

The past two days

The past two days have been very tiring. Yesterday Sophie had a doctors appointment. She got 6 shots. We go back on 9/24 and get 4 more.... ugh! Today we went to ballet (Sophie didn't cry for the first time in 2 weeks), Build A Bear (always very busy) and shoe shopping. Sophie picked a snazzy pair of Dora shoes and Maddie picked High School Musical shoes. She is too funny. She loves Hannah Montana and High School Musical. She loves to sing the theme song from Hannah Montana. When it comes on she stops what she is doing, stands up, starts singing and dancing. I'm going to try to get her singing it one day. I'm trying to decide if I want to get her the Hannah Montana guitar that's turning out to be harder to find or Hannah Montana and High School musical shirts for her birthday. I'll probably get her the shirts for her birthday and the guitar for Christmas. I won her some Hannah Montana lipgloss on Ebay so if you see her, don't tell her :). Oh and one more Maddie thing. Thursday night she decided she needed to show Sophie her tumbling skills. She did a flip off her bed. I was in the living room and she came in crying. I told her she was alright and to go back to bed. She came in just a few minutes later, crying some more. She was bleeding. Yeah, I'm a bad mom. Normally she's a drama queen. She had made a little gash in her head. She was fine. No hospital trip.

Oh yeah Hannah, that is Zac Efron's picture on the tongue of the shoe and I still love you!

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