Monday, November 07, 2005

11/7/04 Beijing

Well today was the day we arrived in Beijing. It was incredible to realize that I was finally in China. I was sooo tired and soooo emotional. I wanted AJ and I wanted Brandon and I wanted Maddie. Our guide Nelson met us in Beijing. He is such a wonderful guide. He made our trip so wonderful and so easy. We checked into our hotel and rested for a few minutes then we were off and running. We went to a village and went for a rickshaw ride. It was cool, but I was still tired and homesick. I really don't remember much about 11/7 except for arriving into Beijing. Oh yeah, when we were in Guangzhou transfering flights we had to claim our luggage. Well those that know me, know that I have already had my luggage lost twice. Angie and I came prepared with one check in and one carryon. Well my check in was not on the belt. Everyone else had theirs and I was starting to panicking. Luckily I had all of the important stuff in my carryon, but of course I still wanted my checkin. Well I just happened to look at a stack of luggage and there was my bag. I recognized the yellow ribbon and green luggage tag. I highly recommend always making sure that you put something different on your bag to identify it. I will write more tomorrow. 11/8 was the day we did touring galore.
P.S. the picture in the bottom right hand corner is Maddie showing how excited that she is because today was our last post placement visit.

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