Saturday, November 05, 2005

11/5 - 11/7 2005

Well last year we were on our way to Guangzhou. Before we took our evening flight (around 9pm) we took a tour of LA. We went to the Chinese Theater, the walk of fame, Venice Beach and the Hollywood sign. It was pretty cool. We also got to the airport way to early. They wouldn't let us go back to the gate area so we found a place with a plugin and watched 2 movies on the laptop. When we finally checked in we met one part of our traveling group. Greg and Susan were standing in line behind us. They are a wonderful couple from Iowa with a son from Russia named Dylan. They were on their way to adopt Lia. Angie and I went to McDonald's and then we went to sit at the gate for a while. While we waited to board I called and AJ and Grammy. It was so good to hear from them and it was so sad. I was bawling. I missed AJ and Brandon so much. Well when I got back to the gate they called me and Angie and Greg and Susan up to the ticket counter. Apparently China Southern had sold our coach seats and we were being upgraded to business class! I was so upset.... NOT!!!! It was great. We were in the last row of business and it was so wonderful. Sorry AirTran, but this was the best. We had TV screens in our armrest. The flight attendants brought hot towels around and they fed us constantly. The food wasn't too bad, but it was a looooonnnngggg flight. I think I slept maybe 2-3 hours of the 13 hour flight. We went over the date line and completely missed 11/6. Did anything important happen on that day? I do want to say that China Southern was wonderful. The flight attendants were incredible. They were very professional. Well that's all for now. I will post again on 11/7 when that's our arrival day into Guangzhou.

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