Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well on 11/8 it was our big day of touring Beijing. We went all over the place. We started at Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace. It was incredible how big it all was. We walked and walked and walked. The beggers were also everywhere. They would follow you to try to get you to buy watches and books and all kinds of things. From there we went back to our room to take a rest. We then went to the Great Wall and a pearl market. All I can say about the Great Wall is WOW! It's hard to believe it was all built by hand so many years ago. The pearl market was pretty cool. Then it was back to the room for another rest and then a duck dinner and acrobat show. The dinner was incredible. I never in a million years thought that I would eat duck. It was so yummy. The acrobat show was pretty cool. It was made up of all kids. They good bend their bodies in ways that I wish I could have when I was a child :). Well it was an incredibly wonderful and exhausting day. We had a big journay ahead of us for the next day. Posted by Picasa

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