Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What would you do?

Remember this post? Well I started walking again last night. My first night out I came to a neighbors house on our street and out in their front yard they have a pit bull chained up. He looks pissed. Of course I would be pissed to if my owners had a fenced in backyard and here I was chained up out front. I don't know these people and I really wonder why this dog is chained up out front. I'm also really paranoid about the breed. What if my kids are outside playing and the dog breaks loose? What if I'm walking by and I do something to piss the dog off? I don't want to be a prisoner on my street. That's not fair to me and my family. I'm probably going to call the sheriffs office tomorrow to find out what can be done. They will probably say nothing unless he is out roaming around. Who knows? What would you do?

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