Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gas in the south - long venting post.

I thought I would be able to get gas between here and gymnastics today. There are 10 gas stations on the way going this one route. There was no gas. On the way home I went a different way. There are 5 gas stations that way and there was no gas. I went to the gas station towards Brandon's school and no gas. I had one more gas station and so I prayed and they had gas. Of course they only had supreme and it was 4.26 a gallon. There were 4 different people there filling up gas cans. Come on people that is ridiculous. You should only get gas that you need. People are actually stalking gas trucks and waiting in lines for hours.

So out of curiosity I wanted to see what the average is for gas in other states was. Right now, it is 4.19/gallon here if you can find regular. Here's what I found

  • Beverly Hills - 3.59 to 3.89

  • Huntsville, AL - 3.48

  • Houston 3.22

Now Houston is where the whole problem starts for GA. The refineries that were shut down during the hurricanes are getting back to normal. I guess it takes time to pump gas from there to here. Okay, but what the heck. If Houston can have gas for 3.22 why can't we have the same? I guarantee you that even when we do start having more gas, gas stations will not lower the price like they should. Sunday I got gas to last me until today. I went to the gas station by my house. The station was 3.99 on the sign, but actually was charging 4.05. Not this past Saturday, but the one before I stopped at the other station next to our house. At 9am gas was 3.77 an hour later on my way home they were raising the price to 3.95 on gas that they still had in their tanks. What is wrong with that picture? It's so frustrating to have the media also fuel (no pun intended) the fires. They make people rush out with their gas cans and fill up or top off their cars when they have 3/4 of a tank of gas. It's like when we have "winter storm warnings" and people rush out to the store and by bread and milk. Calm down people. Get what you need and save some for the rest of us.

Here's another story. Last night I went out for a walk. I was doing pretty good. I had the IPOD and was just happy as could be. It was great walking. I had made it to the front of the neighborhood and one of the neighbors stopped me. She wanted to warn me about a pit bull that her son said was running around. She told me that she had to come and pick up her son because the dog made him nervous. I told her thanks for letting me know and I would be fine. She said she would watch me walk for a little bit to make sure that I would be okay, but I told her that I would be fine. Well she pulled away and that's when I saw it. I'm not afraid of dogs, but I am afraid of pit bulls. They scare me. I calmly walked to a neighbors house so that I could borrow their phone to call home and have AJ come pick me up. Well nobody answered. They were home though so I waited and waited. I finally decided to walk down to the corner where Brandon's friend lived and borrow their phone. I was trying to call home, but nobody answered. One of Brandon's friends drove by and asked about the dog. He says that he doesn't think she will bite and I say I'm not taking any chances. He offered to give me a ride home, but then his car died. I told him I would just walk home. I walked on the other side of the street as close to the houses on the side opposite the dog that I could get. I came to the neighbors house that didn't answer the door and he told me I was trespassing. I told him that I was sorry and explained what I was doing. I got on the street and walked passed him and then he saw the dog. He told me to come back and his wife said she would take me home. She explained that they were in the backyard and that their daughter said somebody was at the door, but nobody came to get it. I just told her thank you and that I was just trying to get away from the dog. They didn't know whose dog it was. Apparently across the street from them the people there have 3 pit bulls but it wasn't theirs. It just made me nervous. I learned my lesson and that was to make sure I always have my cellphone. I almost brought it with me, but I didn't think that anything was going to happen..... silly me. Next time I'm just going to call animal control and let them come get the dog. We have lot's of children in this neighborhood and I would hate for something to happen. I don't even think those people at the front of the street who have 3 of should have them especially since they keep them in a kennel in the back and those dogs can get out.

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