Friday, April 17, 2009

Political rambling rant

Okay I've been pretty quiet on the political front lately. I guess since I'm a veteran who doesn't share the president's views I am afraid of being branded a terrorists. I didn't make it to a tea party due to the field trip Wednesday, but I would have gone. I'm sick of the government taking my money. I'm sick of my son coming home and telling me what a great idea universal health care is. I'm sick of being accused of being a racist and a terrorist because I don't share others views.

We actually had a census rep come by the other day who wanted to confirm that the address existed. Come on that's what the post office is for. How much of my money did it cost to have these people walk around? What if someone wasn't home? Were they still going to confirm that the address existed? Speaking of the census, why in the world would my tax dollars go towards counting illegals? They are here illegally. Since they want to count them, why don't they just go ahead and round them up and send them home? Come here legally and we won't have a problem.

All of this reminds of our freakin cry baby pilots at work. They just voted in ALPO. A ridiculous union that only cares about your dues and pretty much ruining a company. I am so sick of hearing those cry babies whine about their lack of pay. Here's the pay scale. Could you live off of this? It's just so freakin aggravating and if I could go somewhere else I would. I just hate the thought of these junior first officers coming in and whining about their pay and whining about not making captain. When most were hired we were upgrading in 3 years, but nobody could have predicted then what the economy would do. There were no guarnatees. It makes me sad that they really would rather see the company fail. These guys have had 2 contracts come to them for vote. Both times they turned it down. It just frustrates me... ugh.
Year All Captains All First Officers
12 $153 $79
11 $147 $79
10 $144 $79
9 $137 $79
8 $132 $79
7 $127 $78
6 $124 $74
5 $120 $72
4 $112 $66
3 $106 $61
2 $102 $56
1 $102 $43
Monthly Guarantee: 70 Hours
Reserve Guarantee: 70 Hours

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