Friday, April 17, 2009

Before Kindergarten

My girls start kindergarten in August. I'm so excited for them, but also a little sad. It's kind of sad seeing my babies grow up so fast. I saw this list on Beverly's site and I thought it was great to play along. When I was going down the list I discovered that we have done a lot of things. I'm so glad that we are able to make the memories for them.

One hundred things to do before you start kindergarten.

1. Go to the zoo—Maddie yes, Sophie no but we have been to the Yellow River game ranch which is like a zoo.

2. Visit a farm—We've been to a Christmas Tree farm, but not to an actual working farm.

3. Go on a hike— We go in the backyard down to the creek.

4. Play with kittens or puppies— oh Yea.

5. Catch a frog—Yes

6. Make a gigantic mess— Every second

7. Help clean up a gigantic mess— sometimes

8. Master the monkey-bars— Maddie yes, Sophie is almost there.

9. Swing high up into the sky all by themselves— Oh yea, sometimes they scare me with how high they go.

10. Try ice-skating - We don't have any skating rinks close by. I want to take them one day.

11. Go sledding—Not really. It doesn't snow much here.

12. Make a snow-man—Yes. They built their first one this year.

13. Blow bubbles— One of the favorite things to do.

14. Plant seeds and watch them grow— Yep. We planted tomato, watermelon, pumpkin and canteloupe but it got cold and we weren't able to get them in the ground so they died. I did buy more pumpkin seeds to plant.

15. Have a pillow fight—Yes.

16. Jump on a big bed—Yes. All the stinkin time

17. Jump on a trampoline or in a bounce house—Yes.

18. Hang out in a tent— Not a real tent, but they have a play tent they love.

19. Spend days at the beach— Yes. They love the beach. Maddie has been to Cocoa Beach and Panama City and Sophie has been to Panama City. We are planning on going back to Cocoa Beach this summer and maybe in September.

20. Build sandcastles— Oh yea.

21. Go fishing—No but Maddie did when a goldfish in the throwing a ping pong ball in the glass bowl thing.... does that count ?

22. Go out on a boat— The ferry at Disney World

23. Play with blocks and puzzles—Yes.

24. Read the classic picture books—Yes.

25. Read a classic chapter book—Yes, but we start and don't finish because they get bored.

26. Check out library books with their own library card—Not yet

27. Get a passport— Just their Chinese ones, but I'm going to get them new ones soon.

28. Carve a pumpkin— oh yes.

29. Hold a newborn baby (to see how much they’ve grown) - I don't think they got to hold Lily.

30. Love a special doll or stuffed animal— They love their American Girl dolls, but haven't really attached to one particular doll or stuffed animal.

31. Bake cookies and cakes—Yes and cupcakes and whatever else.

32. Help plan their own birthday party— Yep last year they didn't want a party and wanted to go to the American Girl store for lunch. This year they are working on planning their party. It's cute to hear them talk about what they want.

33. Go to the circus— Sadly no, but they have been to the Care Bears live and Go Diego Go.

34. Go to a museum on a quiet weekday—Yes.

35. Play hide-and-seek— Yep and then like to jump out and scare you.

36. Play a board game— Not after the Pretty, pretty princess incident.

37. Do nothing whatsoever all day— Yep. I love those days.

38. Try a sport— Right now they are both doing baton. Maddie starts back to gymnastics next Tuesday and is soooo excited. She gets to go twice a week and can't wait. We were going to sign Sophie up for fall softball last year, but they didn't have a girls team. They probably couldn't join a team because they have dance on Friday nights. I'm thinking of taking next year off of dance, but haven't decided yet.

39. Watch a sporting event—Yep. Sophie went to her first Brave's game yesterday and Maddie went a couple of years ago. They also went to Brandon's football games.

40. Learn to swim—They are working on it.

41. Be tickled in hysterics— They love it!

42. Paint and draw as much as desired— Oh yea.

43. Have the use of scissors and glue— Yep and have several glue on the wall incidents and hair cutting incidents.

44. Display artworks and other creations around the house— Yep. My kitchen wall is a display wall.

45. Learn to use a camera (and keep an album of the results!)—They both love taking pictures and are getting pretty good at it.

46. Play with clay—Yes.

47. Pick flowers— Yes.

48. Climb a tree— Yes.

49. Gaze at the moon and stars— Yes and the clouds.

50. Toast marshmallows— Oh yea.

51. Learn to eat an ice-cream cone - Since they were little.

52. Watch a sunset—Yes.

53. Learn to write their own names—Yes.

54. Learn their addresses and telephone numbers— Yes.

55. Learn their parents’ full names—Yes.

56. Set the table—Yes.

57. Clear the table—Yes.

58. Help wash the dishes—Yes.

59. Learn to say their pleases and thank yous and excuse mes—Yes.

60. Watch fireworks—Yes. We watch them every 4th and then also have a show in our own front yard thanks to daddy every now and then.

61. Go to the ballet or theater or a puppet show—yes and they will be doing their own huge recital coming up in May.

62. Put on a ballet or play or puppet show at home—Yes.

63. Face paint— Yep.

64. Dress up in costumes at will— Oh yea.

65. Learn rhymes and poems and songs by heart—Yes. They said the cutest poem the other day that I'm going to try to video. They also know so many songs by heart I just don't see how they do it.

66. Have a dance party— no

67. Enjoy friends at preschool and at the park—Yep.

68. Invite friends over to play—Yes.

69. Get to know grandparents—Yes.

70. Play with cousins—Yes and also aunts and uncles who are close to their age.

71. Become attached to a wonderful preschool teacher and/or babysitter— They love their teachers at school.

72. Learn the name of our president— They both do. Maddie calls in Barack Oboo because they would hear boo after his name when he was annoucned and she associated that with his name.

73. Know the name of their town, state and country— Yes.

74. Be familiar with a map of the world— Yes.

75. Listen to music from many different ages and genres—Yes.

76. Hear and learn words from a different language— Yes from Dora and Kai Lan and also their Chinese dance teacher.

77. Learn the difference between trash and recycling—We are working on it.

78. Grow their own vegetables— Love growing our garden. This year we will have tomatoes, pumpkins, corn and cucumbers.

79. Learn to ride a bike (or try!)—Yep. They have been able to ride without training wheels for about since last year.

80. Take a road trip—Yes. Maddie has been to Panama City, Cocoa Beach and Columbia SC. Sophie has been to Cocoa Beach and Columbia SC, but has been on numerous tractor trips with daddy. The furthest they have been to is Indiana.

81. Draw a self-portrait—Yes.

82. Slurp alphabet soup— They love their soup.

83. Learn to twirl spaghetti on a fork— Yep.

84. Pick apples— They haven't picked apples, but we go to the apple orchard every October.

85. Star in a home movie—Yes.

86. Learn a magic trick— No.. granddaddy needs to teach them some.

87. Try different hair-dos— That's all they do sometimes.

88. Practice writing letters— Yes.

89. Practice counting to 100— Yes.

90. Make up stories— More than I can count.

91. Send a letter— Yes. Santa loves getting their letters.

92. Receive a letter—Yes

93. Ride on a merry-go-round— One of their favorite things to do.

94. Give away toys and books to less fortunate children—Yes.

95. Learn the value of coins and bills—We are working on that.

96. Keep a piggy bank— Yes.

97. Try a musical instrument— Not yet. Sophie's going to take drums starting in August. Maddie wants to do violin, but she does not have the patience to learn an instrument yet.

98. Have a heartfelt wish granted— I think so. They both said they got exactly what they wanted for Christmas except for see #99.

99. Have a heartfelt wish denied—Maddie didn't get the rollover dog that she wanted and Sophie didn't get drums.

100. Receive a million (make that a billion) heartfelt kisses and hugs from their parents—Each and every day.

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great list. What fun, a ballgame. And drums? very cool. Love the dress, of course I love some Tar*get! I am catching up on blogs tonight!