Friday, October 10, 2008


Wednesday was supposed to be our day at the fair. The girls are off from school this week and AJ and I took the day off. We were going to leave late morning and spend all day so we could see the fireworks. They had a deal where you could ride all the rides all day for $15. We were set. Maddie woke AJ up Wednesday morning saying "We are going to the fair. I'm so excited". We do this every year (here are last year's and year before). Well we get up and it's pouring. It hasn't rained here in like 6 weeks and God decided that we needed rain all day long. It did not let up. Poor Maddie. She was the most disappointed of all. She loves the fair. So we thought about what we could do. We ended up going to Build a Bear, then Chuck E Cheese and finally when we came home I let them play in the rain. I think they had a good day. Maddie kept asking if we could go to the fair and we kept telling her that we couldn't because they wouldn't run the rides because of the rain. Oh well, next year we will make it up. Tomorrow we make our annual pumpkin patch, apple orchard and Amicola Falls trip. The girls are excited.

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