Saturday, October 14, 2006

We went to the fair

(I think this picture goes along with anticipation as well)

We went to the fair today. We had a blast. Maddie loved it. Brandon stayed home. He doesn't want to be with his family anymore. He sure did miss out. We saw tractors and horses and cows and pigs and rode rides and ate over priced food. It was fun. Maddie loved the Alpine Ski Lift. She loved the pony rides and the horses and everything about the fair. She cried as we were leaving. She kept saying she wanted to go back. We told her we would go back next year and she could show sissy around. We did witness a scary moment while we were there. A lady was taking her horse to the competition ring. She realized that it was her turn so she started jogging. When she did, she tripped and the horse walked on top of her. She was moving around and talking, but I think she hurt her head. I didn't want to stand around and stare. There were plenty of people taking care of her. I hope she is alright. I'm sure she has a major headache. Here are some pictures of our fun day.

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