Thursday, August 21, 2008

A couple of things

Maddie conversation today:

Maddie: Mommy if Sophie goes away we aren't getting a new sister right?
Me: Sophie's not going anywhere and no we aren't getting a new sister.
Maddie: I mean if Sophie dies we aren't getting a new baby right?
Me: I don't think Sophie's going to die and no we aren't getting a new baby.

Okay I'm not really sure where this conversation came from. It just came out of the blue. I always wonder what's going on in that little head, now I know a little bit :).

Brandon got his learner's permit..... ugh. I let him drive to gymnastics and home. Just glad I made it home without needing a drink :).

Here are drawings that Maddie made this week. This time Maddie actually drew the bodies and everything. The first is Maddie eating ice cream. She thought her mouth looked sad so she made her ice cream look like it had fallen on the ground (very creative if you ask me). The second one is Maddie and Sophie. I asked Maddie what the two things up and the two things down were. She said they were balloons and popsicles.. duh. That child is too funny.

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