Sunday, May 25, 2008


I love this picture of Sophie I took today. She looks so beautiful and so happy in it. She was feeling much better today. Thursday we got called again to go and pick her up from school. She had a fever and was coughing. Friday I took her and Maddie to work with me. I had some things that I really needed to get done before the holiday weekend and Sophie couldn't go to school. I made her a doctors appointment for Friday. When we got there, her fever was 104. The doctor listened and thought she might have pneumonia. We ended up at the hospital for an X-ray and an antibiotic shot. We were there for about 3 hours. Luckily she didn't have pneumonia. She just has a really bad cold. She's on Augmentin for 10 days. (Maddie just finished 10 days of Omnicef). The doctor did mention to me that she also wants to do a heart workup on our next visit. She said she didn't hear anything and the other doctor who did her MRI didn't see anything, but she wants to make sure because of her SN. She weighs 29.4lbs. She lost 2lbs from back in February. Out of curiosity I googled the average height for a 2 year old and that's our Sophie. She is the average height of a two year old. Poor thing. Nobody believes me when I say she is 5. The worst part is that nobody believes her or Maddie when they tell them how old they are. It was kind of funny because Friday somebody looked at me and asked really when Sophie told them how she was and Sophie starts telling them about her back. It wasn't a big deal for her.
The scrape on her nose is courtesy of her sister. Maddie was pushing Sophie around on her bike. Maddie asked her if she wanted to go faster and she either didn't pay attention or hear Sophie say no and she went faster anyway. Sophie fell off and scraped up her nose. Maddie kept telling her she was sorry. She felt horrible. They liked to share that story with everybody at the hospital yesterday. Those two were the funniest. Sophie had gotten some of her energy back while we were waiting for the x-ray and shot. Those two entertained everybody there. They made friends with a couple waiting in the waiting room, the registrar, the nurses giving the shot and the x-ray techs. It was fun to watch.
I think we are caught up on Sophie now. I told her that I didn't want to spend next Friday in urgent care or the hospital and she told me okay :). I'm sure she doesn't want to either.

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Chelley said...

I love this gilr! Her eyes seem to sparkle