Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Bike riding fun. Maddie was on her 3rd new bike. The 1st bike she got the training wheels kept breaking. Daddy took it back and got her another bike. We brought that bike home and one tire had a bubble in it and the other tire wouldn't hold air. We finally got this blue puppy love bike. It works perfectly. There are no problems with it and she rides it like a champ. Sophie has been enjoying her new bike that daddy got her that when she was sick a couple of weeks ago.

The girls this Sunday in their dresses. These pictures make Maddie look so much older.

This was Maddie at her gymnastics performance. She was excited about getting her first trophy. She thought it was pretty cool.

Yellow River Game Ranch. Check it out. You can feed and pet the deers. Squirrels will come right up to you begging for peanuts. It's a lot of fun. It was Sophie's first visit. It was last Saturday when she had the stomach flu. She was doing a little bit better and was insistent that she wanted to see the animals. She loved it. She really perked up. Maddie's been before and she loved it as well.

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