Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Do you remember this post? Well today I pulled up my checking account to balance my checkbook. Imagine my surprise when I saw $55.82 for an Ec*n* L*dge in TN. Last year we had planned on going to G*tlinburg over Spring Break, but changed our minds. January 7th I cancelled the reservation. That was way before the 4/6 check in date. I couldn't believe they charged me. At 1000 this morning I was on the phone with the chain of hotels. I got transferred to their customer relations department. I explained what when on. He pulled up the reservation and saw that it was cancelled 1/7. He called the hotel. She apparently argued with him about the cancellation part. He stated that the reservation was cancelled properly and that I should be refunded. He told me that was going to happen. It would take 3-5 business days. Imagine my surprise again this evening when I checked my account and saw another $55.82 taken about by the same frickin Ec*n* L*dge. I immediately called the customer relations department. He called the hotel again and got the night clerk. She didn't know anything about it. He told me I was going to have to call back tomorrow. I am so mad! I have never had this problem with this particular hotel chain. I will never use the Ec*n* L*dge in Pigeon Forge!

I wanted to add one more thing. Why is that my money comes out automatically, but when they are supposed to refund it back to me it takes 3-5 business days?!!


Chelley said...


That would drive me bonkers!!! I hope that they get right to it tomorrow! Also I would dempand a free nights accomadation for all the inconvicene they have caused you!!!!

I am really at a loss as to why they can take the money then and there but it takes them forever to get it back!!!!

You can tell by the way I am fried up that this has happened a few times to me!

Sabrina said...

Because they are greedy stinkers with our credit card numbers, darn it. Did you read the fine print? Sometimes, they have the biggest loop holes for things like this. Sad but true. Hope you can get things sorted out quickly.