Saturday, October 27, 2007

42 - 30

Woohoo!!! My little cheerleaders are happy tonight. Georgia beat Florida 42-30. It was an awesome game. Congratulations Dawgs!


Anonymous said...

You got it girls !!! GO DAWGS !!

I love you,

Your Mimi

Mark & Terri said...

I love your blog! Your girls are so sweet. Go Dawgs!! Everyone said they would lose, but they came through for us crazy fans! we will have to get a cheerleader outfit for our girl when she comes home.

Terri in Cumming, GA
LID 11/23/06 for our own Sophie!

Elena said...

I am a Florida fan and was sad that Dawgs won but the girls look so cute. We have to let asher and sophie seee each other soon: )