Monday, September 24, 2007


Chelley tagged me with a fun meme. What did I go to bed and what weird thing did I used to eat?

I usually went to bed with my stuffed animals that I don't have anymore. I used to have a blanket that I loved, but it got thrown away one day.

The weirdest thing I used to eat was baby dill pickles, sliced cheddar cheese and ritz crackers. That was when I was pregnant with Brandon. I don't really eat anything weird except my family thinks I'm weird because I love black licorice (especially black licorice jellybeans).

Now I'm going to tag the following.

Catching Butterflies (I hope Sarah feels better)
Two China Sisters and a brother
Waala House of Fun

Thanks for playing.

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Amy said...

I just red the above post about your girls! OH!!! I want a sister for Sarah. She has two sisters but they are both 10 & 12 years older. I want another girl from China!