Saturday, July 14, 2007

What a great week!

This week was wonderful! It started off hard, but ended (well almost ended) with a bang. Wednesday I started putting the girls to bed without us sitting in their room. We have been sitting in there until they fall asleep and it was getting really, really old. Well on Wednesday it took them about 45 minutes or so for them to go to sleep. Thursday it took them 30 minutes and tonight it took about 35 minutes. It's been great. Last night and tonight they laid there without calling for us. I do hear them giggle every now and then which is wonderful as well. Well this morning when Sophie got up she wasn't crying. She has been crying every morning for 3 weeks now that she doesn't want to go to school. This morning she didn't even cry when we pulled up to school and when we left. It was wonderful. She's been in the best mood for the last several days coming home. I think she's really getting it now. Maddie still loves school and she's been in the best mood every morning. It's been great. I think she's getting enough sleep and just feels better. Here's some pictures of the them playing Barbie dolls. I love to see them play together.

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