Monday, June 04, 2007

I feel like Dora

I feel like I could do a little Dora dance. I did it. I got the playroom/office and living room cleaned up. I didn't dust or clean the carpets (are you crazy), but I did vacuum and clean up the toys. It feels good to have it cleaned. Now I can move on to the back of the house. Our room needs need as well as the girls.

Sophie had her doctors appointment today. We were very unhappy with the doctor. He came highly recommended and we are very disappointed. Sophie does not like the doctor, any doctor. She knew that's where she was. She started bawling and we couldn't stop her. The doctor came in and seemed very upset that she was crying. He barely looked at her body. He looked at her back, but didn't touch her spine or ribs. He moved her legs a little bit to see how flexible they were. We then went to get an Xray. Of course she cried during the whole thing. We then went back to the room and waited for the doctor to go over the Xray. She was still crying. He came in and quickly went over the Xray's. Her ribs are not fused. Some are not in the center, but they aren't touching. Her spine does have a curve, but he said there was no need to do anything about it. He even said we wouldn't have to come back for a 6 or 9 month follow-up. He did say he wanted to get an ultrasound of her kidneys to make sure that she had two, but that was it. It was a waste of time. We will not be going back. She already had an appointment scheduled with another doctor next week and I kept it because I wanted to get a second opinion anyway. I'm glad I did. Hopefully this doctor will be a little bit more personable with children.

Tonight Maddie and Sophie had their first shower. I had tried previously to get Maddie to take a shower, but she always freaked out. Tonight she had a blast. Sophie loved it as well. I'm glad this will work. It's hard work giving both girls a bath.

Maddie also had us heehawing today. There was a guy sitting next to us at a traffic light. He had his shoe off and is foot was propped up on his side mirror. He was driving like this. AJ was joking about how it looked like he had Fred Flinstone feet. He said I should yell out the window "Yabba Dabba Do". I said no, but I knew Maddie would. Her daddy told her what to say and we thought she would. Well when we went by him, daddy rolls down her window and Maddie says in the sweetest voice "Put your foot back in your window boy". We cracked up. That's not what we told her to say. It was too funny. I guess you can tell whose the little boss around here.

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Amy said...

I'm sorry about the Dr, but the room looks good!