Saturday, June 02, 2007

Wow 3 posts in one night

Don't you wish I would answer my emails this much. Life is just crazy and I've been trying to get to them all, but I wanted to post 3 questions I got from Maddie this week.

1. Why doesn't Elmo have any teeth?

2. Why doesn't Elmo have any eyebrows?

3. Does Jesus still have holes in his hands?

Also last Sunday we went to church. Our preacher was talking about God being all around us. Maddie asked if he was outside and I told her yes. She then asked if she was all around inside with us and I again told her yes and to be quiet. She then told me "I don't like him". I think she got a little scared thinking that there was somebody her constantly watching her. It doesn't make a difference in her behaviour though ;).

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