Friday, June 29, 2007

FFFF - Ice Cream

Amy over at Catching Butterflies has taken over the Fridays Favorite Foto Challenge. These are so much fun to do. For the first one, Amy picked ice cream. We are not big ice cream eaters, but we LOVE us some popsicles. We have recently discovered Popsicle brand "Mighty Magic Minis". Oh my word these things are so tasty. They are small enough for the kids to not get to many that is if they get any. There are 30 little popsicles in the box and they have been known to disappear around here. The girls will eat just about any popsicle. They love them all. They do like ice cream. Maddie loves butter pecan, Sophie likes vanilla and Brandon loves cookie dough.

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Amy said...

Thank you for joining my FFF, I'm not "taking over" the photo challenge, I'm just adding a challenge to my blog. I'm sure some other bloggers will do the same thing! I'm not nearly as popular as double happiness, so I may never get a big group of folks taking the weekly challenge. Still, I'm grateful for every one who does! We will make it fun! At least we will try! Our kids love popsicles too.