Saturday, July 08, 2006

My little girl

Over the past week or so I have noticed Maddie's voice changing. She sounds like a little girl now, not a baby. In a way it makes me sad. It makes me sad that I never got to hold her when she was a newborn. That's the only thing that makes me sad. I got to see her walk for the first time. I got to hear her say mama and dada for the first time. I got to see her smile for the the first time. All of those things were "first" for me (except for the walking she really did walk for the first time with us). I don't really miss the baby part. I don't miss the middle of the night feedings and I certainly don't miss the diaper changes. She's becoming her own little human being. Tonight she and I colored together. We had so much fun. She was so excited to have me sit down and color with her. She would tell me she was going to draw a house and then she would scribble something and tell me that's our house. We had a blast. She is witty, funny, hot tempered and such a mimic. It is still hard sometimes to believe that she has only been in our lives for 1 year and 8 months. It seems like she has always been here and this is where she belongs. I can't wait to get her sissy home so that we can have some of those "first" things with her. The pictures are from our trip to McDonald's this morning. We met Iris and her mom there. Iris is Maddie's Chengdu "sister". She is 5 months older than Maddie and was adopted 4 months before Maddie was. We can't wait until they go to get Anna so that there will be 3 Chengdu "sisters" so close.

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