Tuesday, November 01, 2005


We had a great time this weekend for Halloween. First, Saturday night was our church's trunk or treat. Maddie had a blast. She enjoyed the puppet show and liked walking around to all of the cars to get candy. AJ brought the tractor and I think that was the biggest hit of the night. Everyone loved riding that. Sunday we carved our pumpkin. Maddie didn't really like that too much. She wouldn't even put her hand in it and then when we lite it, she wouldn't go near it. Maybe next Halloween she will enjoy it more. Last night was the winner. At first she was a little leary about going up to the houses but she really started to get the hang of it. She would say "or treat" and people would give her the candy and say how cute she was as Minnie Mouse. The other funny thing was that every house I took her up to people would comment about how they wanted to see the girl who rode the tractor around the neighborhood. Our little Maddie is a hit in the around here. She loved getting the candy and Brandon had a great time out with his friends without the parental units following. We did catch up with him and his buddies and I tried to do the mom thing and get pictures but of course Brandon would run. We all had a great time and I hope everyone else did too.

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