Saturday, November 19, 2005

11/18 - 11/19

Well we shopped until we dropped while we were in Guangzhou. It was all so nice. Guangzhou was beautiful and so was the White Swann. Lucy's was great. I loved China and can't wait to go back some day. On 11/19 before we left we all went to a Monastery and a folk art museum. I wasn't going to do the blessing but I decided to do it. Maddie was asleep the whole time we walked thru the Monastery, but when it came time for the blessing she was wide awake. As soon as it was over, she was knocked out. It was very peaceful. The museum was wonderful. The ivory carvings were incredible. Well we left Guangzhou on 11/19 to go to LAX. Maddie did wonderful on the flight. She cried only once, had one blowout and played and slept for most of the flight. We were incredibly lucky that we had 3 seats together and no one sat next to us! I couldn't believe that it was a full flight and we had the only empty seat. It was awesome. Well we spent the night in LA and Maddie had her first taste of Burger King. That was the closet thing to the hotel and we were all tired and hungry. It was a wonderful trip and we are so blessed to have Maddie in our lives. I will write about our Georgia homecoming tomorrow. That's the offical day we came home and her daddy was so happy to see her.

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