Sunday, November 13, 2005

11/10 - 11/13

Well sorry I didn't update the site. Maddie has walking pneumonia so I haven't had much of a chance. 11/10 - 11/13 we were still in Chengdu. On 11/10 it was the official adoption day with the Chinese government. Maddie was ours in the eyes of the Chinese government. We went to have her adoption paperwork signed. We toured several different things. We went to the panda zoo, Dufu thatched cottage, an old village, a couple of temples and we also went to see the abandonment places of the girls. Maddie's was a military hospital. Her mother went in, had her and then left. It's amazing that both of my children were born in a military hospital. I guess that's their red thread connecting them forever. I loved Chengdu. We walked around to all of the stores. We enjoyed KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut and some local Chengdu food. There was a resturant that we went to that was supposed to have a Mexican buffet. Well you all know how I love Mexican, so I was very excited. Well there was no mexican buffet, it was the week before. That was alright. All of the food was incredible. We went to a hot pot resturant. The food was good and spicy. I ate most of it. I couldn't eat the lamb, that was just something I couldn't do. We also went to a resturant called Maples. It is next to the Dynasty hotel. It was wonderful. The owner is from Chengdu and went to Canada where he tried to open a resturant. It didn't work so he came home. His food was wonderful and he was really nice. We were having a great time. Maddie was really bonding to me. She was calling me mama and wouldn't go to anyone else. She loved to play with the sugar packets on the tables. She hated baths (still does hate to have her hair washed). She was really light, she fit perfectly in 12months clothes. The shoes were so cute and she loved to wear shoes. She didn't like to watch TV (still doesn't). Chengdu was wonderful. Oh yeah, I did get hit by a bike when we were going to dinner one night. We were all crossing the road and the bicyclist just came up and ran into me. It didn't hurt and was actually kind of funny. Well that's it for today. I will update tomorrow. Our journey in China is almost over. We would be going to Guangzhou on 11/16. Posted by Picasa

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