Thursday, July 28, 2005

This child of mine has learned so much. She can pull her pants up and down (although she sometimes has a little trouble with the up part), she says so many things like "I get it" and "Go way" which are 2 of her favorite things to say. She still loves to be outside and she has started to play with baby dolls more. She will feed them their bottles and rock them. She loves "Wheels on the bus" and "If your happy and you know it". She can do all of the motions to both songs. She loves to dance and she can tumble. I took her to a gymnastics class last Saturday and SHE LOVED IT. She walked on the high beam without the least little bit of worry and she was doing somersault's. It was so much fun to watch. She was timid at first when we were doing warm ups (it was a mommy and me class), but after that, she was full speed. For the most part, she has been going to sleep on her own for about 2 weeks and waking up maybe once a night (every now and then we still have a midnight party, but it's rare). She's getting so big and changes everyday. Posted by Picasa

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