Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What the h?

What is wrong with these ya-hoo's in Congress? Rangel can't pay taxes. Geithner can't pay them. Then the Republicans try to get rid of the cheats and the Democraps vote them down. What the h? The democraps are such a bunch of hypocrits and cheats.

Democrats defeat GOP attempt to remove Rangel
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WASHINGTON (AP) - House Republicans have failed for a third time to oust Rep. Charles Rangel as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee.

Despite the expected defeat Wednesday, the GOP did keep the spotlight on the New York Democrat's ethical problems, although the matter will be turned over to the House ethics committee for a long-term investigation. The House voted 246-153 to refer the resolution to remove him to that panel in a partisan vote that had no meaning except to revisit Rangel's problems.

The Harlem congressman is faced with allegations of financial improprieties, including failure to pay taxes on investment income and neglecting to report assets and income on his congressional financial disclosure forms.

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