Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer officially over....

Well with the girls being in school for a week I think summer is officially over for us. Starting tomorrow starts our activities schedule. Monday & Wednesday is gymnastics for 2 hours a day and Friday starts Chinese dance. The girls are so excited to be starting dance again. They love it, plus they get to see all of their friends. We had a great summer. I guess the favorite thing was Cocoa Beach, but Six Flags was a close 2nd. We didn't do much, but we did a lot if that makes sense.
  • The girls are loving school. They seem to be very happy with it and I'm pretty happy with it so far. They love taking their lunches and boiled eggs are the frequent request. They love them. I've been using the Bento stuff and that's been pretty cool for them. Tomorrow's lunch is sausage, mustard, ketchup, boiled egg, grapes (for Maddie), peach (for Sophie), gogurts and gummy's. For the most part, everyday their lunch boxes are empty.
  • Brandon doesn't say much about school. He just says it's going okay or it's good or whatever.
  • Yesterday we went to Six Flags. The girls had a great time. They loved it. There were only two fits pitched. Maddie had one standing in line for the roller coaster and Sophie had one because they wouldn't let her ride the horse that goes up and down on the merry-go-round. They were both really good even though it was hot. They loved it and can't wait to go back.
That's about it for right now. I hope everyone is having a great rest of the summer and for those starting back to school soon, have a wonderful first day.

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