Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm busting out bullets in honor of Brandon's 16th birthday.

  • He still loves his video games. He loves playing Rock band, but when I play he wants me to sing and I don't want to.
  • He is an A/B student who could be all A's if he would turn in his homework. I'm still really, really proud of his grades.
  • He wants to be a doctor. I think he will be a really good one.
  • I'm not sure where he wants to go to school. It will probably be a state school so he can get the Hope scholarship.
  • His crazy teachers at school keep putting their ideas in his head, like socialized medicine and I'm trying to change that!
  • He is great with his sisters. They are like any siblings who fight, but for the most part they get a long.
I am just so proud of him. He is such a joy to parent and I love him very much. I joke with him about I can't wait for him to go to college, but I will be sad and will miss him very much.

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