Saturday, May 23, 2009

In a little under 2 hours

In a little under 2 hours I will be leaving for a hotel to start a very long, short weekend. We are staying at our favorite hotel near the AG store. The girls will get to swim all day today and then tomorrow the busyness starts. We have to be at the Performance Center by 11:30 for a walk through/dress rehearsal. We will be done by about 2:15 or so and then go back to the hotel for a little while. We have to be back at 6 for their performance that night at 7:30. Sunday night's performance is sold out. I think that's pretty cool. The girls are so excited and so ready. They have practiced their duck dance every Friday now since last August. We parents are actually ready to see the duck dance die. I hear that music in my head all the time.
On Monday will be their final performance at 2pm and then we come back home. I love watching them perform and they love it, but I am so ready for a break. This week has been so busy. Monday- baton rehearsal, Tuesday - gymnastics, Wednesday - AWANA's banquet, Thursday - gymnastics and graduation and Friday - dance. It doesn't end until Tuesday night when they have their baton recital. Gymnastics goes all summer and Sophie has soccer camp that she's going to try, but I can handle that. The girls have done pretty well at all the activities. They haven't complained any. They have been picking at each other a little more, but I think that's because they are getting older and getting their own ideas about things. They are excited about their new school and are even more excited about being in different classes. It will be so good for them to have their own friends and to not be in the same room with each other for 5 hours or so a day.
Okay this post kind of rambled towards the end.... sorry. Send us prayers for this weekend. I'm taking my lap top and will try to get some pictures. I can take pictures at dress rehearsal, but not of the actual show.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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