Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Girls Room

I redid the girls room on Friday. It was sad to see the castles and stripes get covered in new paint, but it was time. The girls love, love, love their new room. Two walls are pink and two walls are purple. I thought they were going to pick Hannah Montana (Sophie) and High School Musical (Maddie) because that was what they wanted just a couple of months ago. Well they decided they just wanted plain pink and purple. Pink is for Blossom on the PowerPuff girls and they didn't have Green or that would have been for Buttercup. They love the PowerPuff girls. The pictures above their beds are their names that I had done in China two years ago. I finally framed them.

I'm working on a video for Sophie that should be done in about a day or so.

1 comment:

Chelley said...

Very nice!!!

I like the added craft on one of the walls???? DO you know who did it?

we had this issue with Tiarna who wrote her name on the wall and at the time was the only one who could... yet she told us it wasnt HER!! LOL