Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awww the joys of parenting

Friday I was cleaning our bathroom. The girls have a lot of toys that they play with. The especially love to play with cups and bottles. I picked up one cup to empty the water out and when I did the water was yellow. Obviously it wasn't water. On the way to dance I asked them who peed in the green cup and you should have seen the expression on their faces. They knew they were busted. Turns out Sophie did it. She didn't want to get out of the bathtub and get the floor wet. Doesn't matter that the floor was already soaking wet from all the water splashing out, but you know how that extra little bit of water would have made a difference.

Friday after dance we stopped by my Aunt Charlotte's house. The girls (and Brandon) love going to her house. She lets them play with stickers, markers and whatever else. Well we weren't 5 minutes up the road on our way home when Maddie asked me "can you cry with no tears coming out of your eyes". I told her yes, but why are crying. She said she already missed Charlotte. Too funny. As my mam maw used to say "everybody loves Charlotte" and boy do we.

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