Saturday, February 14, 2009

long post

I'm a little behind on posting, so here's a long post.

My awesome Garmin did come in. Thank you Shelly and Jill. We used it on Friday and went home a different way from dance. I can't wait to follow your journeys.

Donna (and yes I'm so hard core right wing now that my husband hates talking politics with me :) ) tagged me with 25 random things. I did one on my facebook page, but for my family I will do 25 different things. I'm tagging anybody else who wants to play along.

1. I hate unions. I really do. The pilots union that is where I works thinks the best course of action is to go on strike and burn the place down. I know they haven't had a new contract in several years, but they are partly ones to blame. Also if I have to hear one more time that "I was promised I would fly as captain in 3 years" I'm going to scream. Nobody was promised such a thing. Yes when oil was lower upgrades happened at about the 3 year mark, but nobody saw oil going up.
2. I really wasn't that into politics until the last couple of years and I think it's because of all of the union B.S. I have to put up with. The whole entitlement issue really bothers me.
3. When I was little I used to pretend that I was a gymnast in my grandmothers backyard. I would tape the music off of T.V. and use it as my floor exercise. I had a piece of wood that I would use as my vault and would execute a perfect round off onto that vault and stick the landing. I won many a gold medal during my youth :). I also used to pretend I was a synchronized swimmer when we went swimming.
4. One of my favorite child memories was going to the radio station where my dad worked. My brother and I used to pretend we were DJ's and we would get Krispy Kreme donuts.
5. My dad, brother and I had this competition about who has been to the most airports. I have been to Atlanta, Fort Walton, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, Nashville, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Grand Cayman, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Los Angelas, San Diego, Seattle, Adak, Houston, Dallas Fort Worth, LaGuardia, Phoenix, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu and some other airport in China that I don't remember.
6. My bags have been lost on two different flights from two different airlines. I always take a carry on bag now. I thought I had lost it in Guangzhou when I never saw it come around the luggage belt. Somebody had taken it off and set it to the side.
7. As a child I swore I would never work for an airline because of what happened at Eastern. Now 15 years later some of my best friends are those very pilots that were on T.V. They will tell you as well how bad unions are.
8. I've been to the Oprah show twice. The first time we went we saw Michael J. Fox, Matthew Perry, Florence Henderson, KC and the Sunshine band, Shirley Jones and Marion Ross. The second one was when she was doing her get your life together shows and the one we saw was about forgiveness. My mom actually stood up and made a comment, but it wasn't in the show. I wonder if she remembers that :).
9. When I was in first grade I pretended I was asleep so that I could get more marshmallows.
10. When I was in Navy boot camp I was one of the flag carriers. When I was in A school in Dam Neck I was on the drill team. I actually cut two people. I cut one boot and one sleeve.
11. I love to watch Spongebob (the older ones not the last year or so) and the Power Puff girls. The girls were recently introduced to the Power Puff girls and love, love, love them. Apparently I am Bubbles, Maddie is Blossom, Sophie is Buttercup and AJ is the Professor.
12. I love our church. I grew up Church of Christ (not the same kind that Nobama went to), but we found this Baptist church and I love it. It took a long time to get used to the music, but I don't mind it so much anymore. I love getting up on Sunday mornings now and going to church.
13. I think the 50's would have been a fun decade to be alive in. I love poodle skirts and everything just seemed so innocent.
14. I put on my facebook list that my absolute favorite movie is Operation Petticoat, but I also love Best in Show and Love Actually. I will watch those movies every time they come on.
15. I can not roll my r's. My Spanish teacher in high school used to get upset because I couldn't do it. She would always tell me how to do it, but no matter how hard I tried i couldn't.
16. My sister and I are both tongue tied.
17. I love black licorice, red cream soda and root beer. I am the only one in my family that loves all of these things, but my little brother likes root beer.
18. I'm admitting it here because I feel guilty, but I actually lied for someone who was cheating on his girlfriend. She was a crazy girlfriend and they were going to break up any day, but it didn't make it right. He was down in Savannah with his new girlfriend (who is now his wife) and his old girlfriend thought he was in Orlando for a meeting. She was a flight attendant and at the time my office was in the chief pilot's office. My friend (will call him D was also one of my instructors and the fleet manager at the time) told me that he would answer the phone if I called. Well his crazy girlfriend (who we will call B) came downstairs to the chief pilots office with D's brother. This was pre 9/11 when you could bring people down to the secure part of the airport. B asked me if I could call D down in Orlando to let him know that his brother was there. I just prayed that D would answer the phone. Well he picked up and I said "So how is that meeting going down there. Did I catch you on a break?" He starts talking about the weather down in Savannah and I'm just like "I'm so glad the meeting is going well". He finally caught on that B was there. B grabs the phone and ask D how the meeting was going and that she had his brother standing next to him. I'm about to die. D's brother gets on the phone and D explained the whole situation to him. He has never lived that down. His brother told him he owed me big time for that :). He made up for it every time they would go somewhere over seas he would always bring me back some chocolates that were full of rum.
19. I have never smoked a cigarette and I have never done any drug. One time when AJ and I were at work I put a cigarette in my mouth to pretend I was going to smoke it and he grabbed it out and told me I didn't need to smoke. I never have. I just found it very disgusting.
20. My favorite thing to do when I worked with AJ was to go out on deliveries with him. It was so much fun. He drove a black Sidekick and you could always hear from miles away.
21. The only gun that I have fired was in boot camp. I have never fired a gun since then.
22. I am a worrier. I hate it. I worry about everything. I know I shouldn't, but I do. I get panic attacks all the time. I'm trying to relax, but it's just how I'm made :).
23. I love Brunswick stew. It is probably my favorite food.
24. Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday, but I tried to make it special for the girls. Yesterday they had a picnic lunch and I put musical cards in their lunchboxes yesterday. They loved them. Today I took them to lunch and gave them little bears I got for 74 cents and a bag of gummy worms. Next week we are going to the a hotel with an indoor swimming pool and then the American Girl store for lunch. They are excited.
25. I am slowly learning that life is short and you have to take each day, one day at a time. Eventually I will get it.

So I'm watching Huckabee while I'm doing this and the lady just asked about the spendulous bill and asked basically what would Jesus do. Huckabee says that the spendulous bill was mentioned in the bible "Forgive them for they know not what they do". That was good.

See I told you this was long.


Beverly said...

Amen. Great list. I love them movies you mentioned too! I love Cary Grant. Wasn't he in Operation Petticoat?

Jill W said...

Glad you got the Garmin. I hope it takes you on lots of adventures. I saw Huckabee the other night too. I just cracked up when he said that! He hit it right on!

Donna said...

Great list. I think I could relate to just about everything you listed!