Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Airline Pilots

Okay I work for an airline and I work with pilots. After I read this article about the US Air CA and his whining about pay, I lost a lot of respect for the man. Did you know that as an A320 CA with over 15 years experience he makes $125/hour with a monthly guarantee of 72 hours? My math isn't that great, but that comes out to $9000 a month. Sure you have taxes and health insurance and such, but dude that still probably brings you down to about $5400 a month at the least (if you take out 40% for taxes, insurance and other stuff). How many of you make $5400 a month? I know I don't. I make well below that, yet still am able to work one job and maintain my middle class income. Of course my husband works as well and all of our cars are paid off and our mortgage is one that we can afford so we are obviously doing something wrong. I just don't get it. With more and more people out of work everyday, how selfish of this man and his crew to get up in front of Congress and bring up their lack of pay. Everyone is suffering.

Okay rant over. I have pictures and weekend details that I will be posting later.

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Beverly said...

thanks for speaking up for us little dudes. I wish I made 5400 a month and would pay taxes and insurance out of that!