Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am so tired of arguing with Maddie almost every morning. I am so tired of the child trying to be "classy" (her words, not mine). I can not wait until next year when she wears uniforms. I know she gets her clothes ideas from her friend at school.
I told her last night that if she pitched a fit she would not get eggs for breakfast. I told her last night to pick her clothes out. She didn't. This morning she gets up and starts to get a pair of jeans out of the dirty clothes. I told her no. She has a closet full of blue jeans to wear. She only wants to wear "pretty" jeans. Ones that have decorations on them or they have to be a certain length or I don't know what. She kept coming out of the bedroom with her jeans from the dirty clothes and I kept telling her to go back and get another pair because she wasn't wearing those. I told her if she wasn't dressed she was going to go to school exactly like she was, panties and a shirt. She then started complaining about how mean I was that I wouldn't let her "skip" school. This whole argument took about 30 minutes. I just sat calmly at the computer. I didn't raise my voice. I ignored her for the most part. I did go back to the room and pull out a pair of jeans and laid them on the floor where she was whining. She finally came out wearing those jeans.
Every morning this week we have had some kind of breakdown. I don't know what's going on. I just know that I'm tired of having argument's almost every morning. It's so frustrating.


Angela said...

Sorry, Can't help but laugh!! As you know we have been through this as well. Can't wear anything but decorated jeans. It took cool HS sister to tell her that dark or black jeans are what is cool in HS to get her to change. That did it!! Now she wears decorated and dark jeans and will tell everyone she looks cool now!!!

Jill W said...

I can sooooo relate to the drama. We are going through a 'if I don't get my way, there will be major drama' phase--at least I hope it's only a phase. A short phase. Yes, let's hope its a very very short phase. Hugs!