Friday, August 01, 2008

Lite the world.

Today was the day the girls have been looking forward to for a long time. They always watched the bigger kids go to school and they wanted to go. Well today they started pre-k. It was kind of odd being at home and fixing their breakfast before they went and having time to spend with them in the morning. We didn't rush and had plenty of time. We were all ready to go about 30 minutes before we needed to go and they kept asking "is it time" or "are we going" or "let's go". I wasn't rushing, I was savoring. I was savoring their last minutes of being "little". No more staying at home during the week (except on school holidays). They looked so sweet with their little backpacks on. When I walked them into their class, their face was shining so bright they could have lite the world. They were so excited to see their friends. Most of the kids in the pre-k class have been going to daycare with them and some have left, but are coming back. Maddie's best friend since she was 14 months old is in class with her and hopefully they will be able to go to school together next year (as long as I still have a job). I'm surprised I was able to keep it together. I did almost lose it when I drove into the neighborhood and Brandon's bus pulled in behind me. I saw Brandon and his friends get on to the bus and that about did me in. I can't believe he is starting 10th grade this year. He didn't want me to take him to school or pick him up. It cracks me up that he doesn't want me to pick him up. He would be home from school an hour before the bus gets here. I bet he changes his mind later on down the road. He didn't want to have his picture taken this morning with the girls, but I made him. Yesterday he asked me why I always had to take pictures. I told him its for moments like these. When you look back and remember when you first smiled, first walked, first food and first went to school. You will always cherish those memories. Okay, now I'm about to lose it. I'm sure I will make another post when the girls get home this afternoon. I'm sure they will have lots to tell me.


Chelley said...

Yay for the first day of school!!!!

Nice sb pages!! but hey like I have said before CUTE kids!!

Jill W said...

I do the "first day of school" pictures too. My boys just loathe them, but I make them do it. We don't go back until after Labor Day. This year will be Evan's first year in middle school & Grant's last year in middle school. Macie will have 2 more years of elementary school. Where does the time go! They grow up so fast....I think I need a tissue.