Monday, July 28, 2008

Long post

Well we've been having a great summer and I hope that you guys have as well. I feel a little better about the job situation, but it's still aggravating. I don't go to the web forums anymore, so that helps.

Here's a list of what's been going on here.

Can you believe school starts here on Friday? I can't believe it. I can't believe that I will have a 10th grader and two preker's (okay not a word, but what are you going to do?). They have their first outfits, backpacks (bought last year on clearance), shoes, lunchboxes and new earrings. They are excited. I'm sad and excited for them. I'm sad because my babies are going to school, but I'm excited because it's the start of something new and exciting. Brandon isn't that excited about school, but then again what 15 year old. He is excited about getting his learners permit. Oh man, learners permit.... ugh!

We have also been doing chore charts. The girls have to get 60 stars to get $1 and if they get all of them (84) they get $5. So far they've only been getting $1. It works out pretty good. Last week they got to spend their money at the dollar store and had a great time. Here is Maddie's. I got smart and scanned it in and typed in their chores. One week Maddie does kitchen and Sophie does clothes and the next week they switch.

All in all we have been having a great summer and I'm just trying to enjoy my time with the girls before they start school. Brandon's been busy playing XBOX, although he did get Guitar Hero and I have been playing him in that. We have signed up for softball (Sophie), gymnastics (Maddie) and then they will be doing Awana's at church. I'm still trying to decide on Chinese dance. I really want them to do it, but it's such a long drive. I don't know yet. We have until 8/15.

Here are some pictures of our different activities. We did finally get some rain, so the girls got to play in the rain. The headstand video is one of those days. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

(I went grocery shopping Saturday at Kr^ger and this was the can of green beans I got. I didn't realize it until I got home. I'm taking them back.)

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