Sunday, June 29, 2008


The reunion of Sophie and Asher was wonderful. These two best friends picked up where they left off. It was amazing. Every day we were in Cocoa Beach Sophie asked about Asher. Finally Saturday came and she was going to get to see him. The smiles on those two kids faces was the most priceless thing I have ever witnessed. It was so sweet to see them together again. At one point we went to McDonald's for lunch. We got out of the car and AJ took Sophie's hand to cross the street. Asher came and ripped Sophie's hand from AJ's and took it to go across. I was teary eyed. You could feel the love he had for her at that moment. He has been such a big part of our lives for the last 13 months. Everyday his name gets mentioned. He is very much a part of our family. I was just as excited to see him last week as Sophie was. I remember this spunky little boy that I met on 5/10/07. He has grown so much. He looks so much happier. Thank you to the Manubens for coming to see us. We had a great time and can't wait to get together again. Just today Sophie was singing a song about how much she loved Asher. She loves watching the videos and looking at the pictures. Even though we haven't said anything about it, she says she can't wait until she sees him again at her birthday :).... we will have to see about that one.
Also, thank you to sweet Asher for taking care of his WaWa. We love you.

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