Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our trip

Here is our trip in bullet points. I'm sorry I haven't posted much. I am working on a scrapbook project for our Chengdu group and it's kept me busy.

  • Tuesday - We drove down to Cocoa Beach. It took about 8 hours. The girls had Hannah Montana and some other movies to watch. They did pretty good. Maddie started whining towards the end, but I really expected that.

  • Wednesday - We spent at the beach and the pool. The pool was the favorite, but the beach was a hit as well. Sophie loved the beach. She was excited. There were 3 pools at the condo. We tried all 3 and spent the majority of our time there.

  • Thursday - We went to Magic Kingdom. Originally we were going to go to Animal Kingdom, but changed our minds when we got there. I got misty eyed as we were riding the monorail to Magic Kingdom. I was so excited for the girls. I knew they were going to have a blast. They had a blast. It was very, very hot. We rode Goofy's roller coaster, the speedway cars, Dumbo, the merry go round, It's a Small World and the teacups. All the times I have been to Disney, I never rode the teacups. It was so much fun. We were standing in line to see Ariel, but the line to see her was 60 minutes long... we didn't wait. I definitely want to go back, but I think next time we will go in January or February.

  • Friday - More pool and beach.

  • Saturday - Reunion with Asher. That will have it's own post.

  • Sunday - Drove home. The ride home seemed so much longer. Maddie was a pistol. I ended up sitting in the middle with her and Sophie sat up front (airbag turns off).

It was an excellent trip and our main purpose for going was accomplished. It was great to get away. Thank you to my honey for our wonderful trip.

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