Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last post of the day :)

This is Maddie. Maddie has sensitive skin like her brother. When she gets bit by a bug, she welts up. Well she's had a couple of places on her and last night I decided to rub silverdine on her. That was the cream the doctor gave me for my burn. I googled it and saw that people use it for other cuts and things so I thought it would be okay for Maddie. I don't think it was. Silverdine contains sulfur and Maddie is allergic to sulfur. I didn't know that it had sulfur in it. Today she was broken out worse. I took her to a clinic because I couldn't get into her peds office because she is on vacation. The clinic didn't really know, but thought it might be the sulfur and whatever else. Maddie now is on an oral antibiotic, antibiotic cream and eye drops because she also thought she had pink eye. Maddie just finished her antibiotic on Friday and Sophie started hers on Saturday. I'm a little tired of going to the doctor. Hopefully this week everybody will start getting healthy.

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Chelley said...

Oh my! They look really sore!!!