Tuesday, April 15, 2008


First, thank you for the comments about the video. I used Windows Movie Maker. It was really easy. I also found a program that I downloaded that changed the quicktime movies to movies I could use. Amy - I would be honored :). Thank you very much.

Second, I did get my money back... yea!

Third, see I wasn't making it up. Here is a picture of Joey, Jordan and Jonathan. They still look pretty good :).

I have more pictures and stuff to post, but will do that later. We were supposed to go down to FL for Spring Break, but weren't able to go (for which I am so sad about and was really looking forward to it). We did a bunch of other stuff to keep us busy and I have pictures to prove it.


Chelley said...

Wow thoses dolls would be worth a mint!! wouldnt they?

Chelley said...

ok you are going to slap me

but what is the name of the program that changes the format??

OK running to hide beheind a wall!!