Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Okay, you know I normally advocate for the boys on WACAP's list but there is a beautiful girl on the list. She will be 13 in July. She is a Promise Child which means all of her fees except for homestudy, INS and travel are paid. You can get a no interest loan for up to $4500 to go towards paying for your travel. Please go to WACAP and check her out. She is beautiful and has no known SN, she just needs a family. I asked AJ last night if he was sure we weren't going to adopt anymore and he said he was sure. He's right. We just can't. We have no room and can't get a bigger house. This girl has touched my heart and I really want her to find a family. Here is the link to WACAP's website.

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Amy said...

Could you send me the pass word so I can look at the list?