Sunday, March 02, 2008

More post I promise

I've been busy. Yesterday was a beautiful day so it got me started. Started on a project that I hate! It is time to switch out fall/winter clothes for spring/summer clothes. The girls have way too many. That's what happens when they get passed down from sister, to sister, to sister and throw in a few friends and you don't really have to buy anything new (which is a good thing). I've started bagging clothes for the girls friends and for my niece. It's sad to see some go, but I can't hold on to them forever. I'm already a big enough pack rat as it is :). I have more pictures and things to post and I promise I will do it later tonight. I'm on my 7th load of laundry and have about 4 more :).

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Chelley said...

Oh leave us out in the cold while you sort!! hehehe

Looks like a lot of fuN!